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Epilogue of Martin

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KIM, JI HOON(Martin) 

18 February, 2017 - 12 May, 2017 Comprehensive Course (12 weeks)

13 May, 2017 - 30 September, 2017 TOEIC Course (20 weeks)



[Original Korean and English Translation]

학교에 대한 느낌 : 주변에 유흥거리도 없고 쾌적한 느낌이며 바로 앞에 바다가 있어 공부하기 좋은 여건이며 산책하기도 좋으며 2층에서 바다 보면서 휴식하면 공부에 피로가 풀림.

Feeling about E&G : There is no adult entertainment around E&G. It is very cool. Since E&G is located just in front of the sea, so it is good for student to study, go for a walk. Also, student can manage both relaxation and study.

다바오에 대한 느낌 배 타고 조금만 가면 아름다운 바다를 볼 수 있어 최고의 휴양지라고 생각함. 매연만 조금 줄어든다면 더 좋은 느낌을 받을 수 있음.

Feeling about Davao : It is easy to see the beautiful seas by ship, so it is the best place for vacation. People would get the better feeling of it when it decreases in the level of exhaust fuel in Davao city. 

학교, 식사, 선생님, 수업 : 식사는 아침에 조금 부실하지만 간단한 수프 정도만 추가되었으면 좋겠음. 점심, 저녁 만족도 10점 중 9점

School, Meal, Teacher and lesson : Breakfast in E&G is little poor, so I would like to suggest E&G to add more food something like soup. About the satisfaction with lunch and dinner in E&G is 9 points out of 10 points.  

환경, 안전도 : 길에서 담배와 술을 할 수 없는 것과 한 시 이후에는 술판매 금지. 편의점에서 담배를 살 수 없는 규정. 밤에 택시 타도 안전하며 돌아가는(고의로) 택시 한 번도 못 봄. 항상 비슷한 요금. 어디를 가나 가드들이 항상 눈에 보임.

Environment and safety : In Davao city, people can not smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol on the street. People even can not buy cigarettes at convenience store. Selling alcohol is also prohibited after midnight 1 o'clock. Moreover, it is safe to take a taxi in the evening and I have not ever seen The driver swindling by going a roundabout way. Wherever I go by taxi, the cost is as normal as it used to be. Additionally, I could see the security man wherever I go.



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