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Survey from Mr. Shin

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Hello, this is E&G Language Center!

Today, we would like to introduce about feeling of a student. He is Shin. He comes from Japan

He spent only 6 weeks here in E&G, but it seemed that he had a good moment.

Also, thank you very much the advises for E&G! 

Then, let's see what he said. 



Koishizawa, Shin 

Power speaking Course

2017.20.11 - 2017.12.30 total 6 weeks






Q1. Have you been satisfied/ dissatisfied with studying here? Why?

Of course, I’ve been satisfied for 6 weeks.

Actually, i came here for the third and I’m truly elated coz i could meet awesome teachers, students and other staffs by choosing this school. I received inspiration from them.

If i didn’t come here, i wouldn’t meet them..

Actually, i was afraid to talk to foreigners in English, but now i broke a big wall. I’m enjoying to study and to talk with foreigners. This experience is the best treasure in my life. I had really incredible time in E&G.. 


Q2. Could you share what thing in Davao city you like? Why?

I’ll share about Davao to my friends even i go back to Japan. I thankful this city coz this city gave me various good experience.

My teacher s always gave me some knowledge and i could improve my English skill. 

Furthermore, I could spend time very safety. If i have opportunity next time, i think i’m dying to visit here again by all means.


Q3. During the times you stay in E&G, May we have some your experiences?

Sure. I have no problem. Please use my Experiences well. For instance, when you guys make E&G’s advertisement. E&G has a problem. It’s that there very few students, right? Haha

I’m thinking that i want E&G to be more famous.

Again, please use it well! Hahaha

Please accept a bunch of students next year.

I’m looking forward to it!


Thank you!



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